New Year, New Inspiration... Begins with International Salon and Spa Expo (A Professionals Only Experience!)

The Long Beach hair show. Something I usually avoid due to the loud club music at 9am and the cheesy hairstylist on stage doing unrealistic hairstyles and haircuts I will never use. But this year I was drawn with the promise of seeing some of the social media hair gurus @bescene, @lorisalove and @confessionsofahairstlyist. Keep in mind I don't know their real names just that week after week their inspiring hair creations pop up on my Instagram feed. I was gladly surprised with the inspiration that came from this little journey with the very talented Alexia Bernal. I was Inspired by the thousands of hairstylists watching demos in awe of the many exhibitors sharing their goods. We stopped off at The Hair Shop with a lady doing live demos on the different techniques you can achieve with the variety of hair extensions they offer. I was reassured they are still my favorite after visiting the many neighboring booths and not being as impressed with the quality of the hair and the variety of colors they have to offer.  We visited the many booths selling combs, capes and other goods. After grabbing some kettle corn we decided to chill at the B3 and Brazilian Blowout booth hoping to catch one of the Instagram stars I came to see. Instead I saw the ending of a Brazilian Blowout and many background videos on the ease of using the Brazilian Bond builder. The Brazilian Bond Bulider was another reason I wanted to go to Isse this year.

I was interested in a hair strengthening treatment that would not affect the processing outcome of my lighter and color as Olaplex does. (My next blog will be comparing these two hands on with clients and pictures.) We left after waiting for the next demo and walked the rest of the exhibit and I came upon Olaplex. I decided to ask the source.

A very tattooed girl, with not the best hair to be honest, explained using less of the product will help and she gave me some other tips I will try since I have a ton of product to use. Again I'll go into depth on this in my next blog stay tuned! We walked around the corner and we found the Viviscal booth.

I was super excited about this because I have been sending my clients to the drug store to purchase this hair growth supplement. I found out you can carry it in salon and was praying they would be at the hair show. They explained to me the in salon Viviscal is a professional grade and actually stronger then the otc product. I'm super excited to be able to provide Viviscal for my clients and hopefully it will solve their hair loss gripes in a short three months. Which is the time it takes for you to really see results from this product. Well worth the wait if you ask me. From here on out I didn't see much that impressed me, hot tools, nail products, wigs on creepy heads and pop up spray tanning that had an awesome name I can't remember at the moment. After a while it all starts to look the same. The Layright booth was pretty impressive with two men barbering and a large group of people watching. My husband loves the stuff and it originated in Long Beach. If I had a barber I would definitely carry the line. We also popped off at Bioionic so I could ask about the dryer I just bought and they tried to interest me in their style winder. I couldn't wrap my head around twirling the middle of the iron and the slip ability of the hair through the prong. I'm partial to the Marcel and my wand but would give it a go if I got one for free (haha). As we walked out to find a map to look for Bella Lash we walked past Vidal Sasson Academy and the precision cuts on the models inspired both Miss Bernal and I to want to sign up for a cutting class this year. Especially interested when we found out it's buy one get one free! Super excited this class will be so inspiring and make us just that much better at what we do. We walked to a totally different hall for esthetics and it was amazing. Bright and open and quiet. I loved it. We learned all sorts of new things about eyelash extensions.

It's pretty amazing how many different lengths, thickness and styles of lashes they carry. You can even choose how much they curl. Amazing and addicting and hopefully we can get Miss Bernal trained and offer this service at Magnolia Salon soon. Back to the Brazilian Bond Builder booth we went and I purchased my beginners kit finding out my Instagram Inspirers would not be there for another hour so we left. Not at all disappointed with all I saw and experienced. To my favorite vegan joint in Long Beach Ahimsa for some amazing grub and home we went. Overall a good show this year. The cheesy cheese was still there but well balanced with the modern salon world we are living in today. I don't feel the need to go for another few years but am sure glad I decided to go this year. Stay tuned for monthly hair facts and tutorials. This year will be a year of education and inspiration. 

From mine to yours❤️

Christine Watanabe has been a hair stylist for 12 years and salon owner for 6 six years. She has taught education classes for Loreal Professional and educates herself to keep up with the trends. Mother of two and passionate yogi. Follow her on Instagram  @magnoliasalon1987  

Christine Watanabe has been a hair stylist for 12 years and salon owner for 6 six years. She has taught education classes for Loreal Professional and educates herself to keep up with the trends. Mother of two and passionate yogi. Follow her on Instagram @magnoliasalon1987